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About Us

 Chances are, if you stumbled on this website you can relate to us, a family with multiple young athletes with big dreams and a full practice and game schedule.

 We quickly discovered sports don't just play a part of your child's life on the field, but off it as well. That's when we decided to search for fun and interesting jewelry for them when off the field, but came up empty.

 It was then we decided to take it upon ourselves to search for high quality kid themed jewelry, that won't break the bank.

Why wholesale and discount jewelry?  Let's face it, kids aren't always the most trust worthy individuals when it comes to taking care of valuable items.  Trust us, our basketball loving daughter has lost plenty of necklaces and earrings we've purchased for her.  That's when we made it our mission to find great looking jewelry at extremely low prices.  

We thank you for visiting, and hope you check back soon to see what's new!