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Youth sports, expectations vs. reality

Youth sports, expectations vs. reality

Support Youth Athletes

So your kids shows potential and a knack for the sport they are participating in?  That is fantastic, but that's only beginning of the work.  Helping your child reach for their dreams is something that every parent loves to be able to work for with their child.  The problem is, sometimes as a parent we may push too hard or expect too much out of our young athlete. 

Here are a few tips we learned trying to support our young sports athletes.   

All work and no fun

The quickest way to burn out your child's passion for a particular sport is to treat it more like a job than a fun activity.  While we all dream that our child will one day be paid to play the sport they love chances are that will not happen, so we need to make sure not to have your child focus everything on that sport.  

Don't get us wrong, training and dedicating themselves to a sport will help immensely, but too much can be detrimental.  They are still children after all, and need to be able to be a kid as well.  

Your passion isn't always theirs

So your love baseball don't you?  Something you need to keep in mind is that your child might not be into baseball as much as you are.  Chances are, they might not even like baseball!  This can be the same for any sport, and it's something that you are just going to have to accept.

One thing you will want to do though it to have your child many different sports, including your favorite.  Even if you truly believe they are extremely gifted and naturally talented a one particular sport, trying a variety of sports will benefit your child.  Each sport will help teach them to think critically, introduce them to new team building experiences and will more than likely gain them many more friends.

Physical Limits

We would all like to think our young athlete is the next superstar, but the fact of the matter is the top tier of athletes are born with not only the talent to excel at their sport, but they often have the physical abilities as well.  We sometimes have to accept the fact that our child won't be the tallest, the fastest or the most physically gifted.  

Your job is to help guide your child to be the best athlete that they can be with the physical gifts they have been given, but we also need to know that pushing them to train excessively to make up of those physical limits can do more harm than good.

There is nothing wrong with helping your child excel in youth sports and beyond by helping them practice, train with them and support them as they excel to the best of their abilities.

The great thing about youth sports, is that they can help shape and mold your young athlete into the person they will ultimately grow up to be.  Regardless if their ultimate goal is to play at the next level or just have fun for the summer, help make their youth sports experience a happy, safe and memorable one.

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